Future of Human Evolution


Ok first if you dont agree,dont mock me. Since David Icke and other conspiracy theorist make much more bizarre claims. Plus i dont know if someone theorized this already if so, i have no idea and i didnt steal your idea.
If you didnt read it all, then dont comment.

We all know that according to the theory of evolution we evolved from ape like creatures right? specifically Genus ardipithecus. But what trait made us so successful that we are now top of the food chain? Some say intelligence, for me its that we are never fully satisfied. Our ancestors were not satisfied with eating raw food so they discovered cooking. Our ancestors were not satisfied with eating with their hands so they made forks and spoons and plates etc. Lets move past the medieval period, We had invented electric fans but it wasnt enough for us so we invented the AC. I hope by now you get what im trying to imply.

Heres where my theory starts. We never get satisfied so in the future,if we are not yet extinct by nuclear war or some shit like that we will be near perfect/although we can never be perfect. Although it will take billions of years,we will try to come as close to perfection as we can. This is possible since even Stephen hawking mentioned that it is possible that some more advanced civilizations were able to stop their aging process etc. Look at what we are doing now,we invented cosmetics and plastic surgery to make us look perfect the way we see perfection,although we still are improving on it. And the standard of perfection humans envision are to be like gods. It is the characteristic of human beings to want to be like god. So even though we will never be like him, we will come close to being like a god. Sorry if i keep repeating words.

Chimpanzees are starting to exhibit the trait our ancestors had, which is dissatisfaction. They are using sticks to eat termites out of an anthill/termite hill. They are the only animals in the animal kingdom who are using tools aside from human beings. Give them a few billion years and they will start to make other tools and evolving to human like creatures.

So in the end, our race will be the Gods(not divine etc. But like rulers and almost perfect beings) we used to idolized while the chimpanzees will replace us. I know this is far fetched but wth its my opinion
Thnx to vincentbelkin

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