New to Making Money Online? Beginner Guide – 4 Techniques.

New to making money over the internet.
Here are some methods that could get it going for you.
This guide is meant for “Beginners” so if your too leet to be in here, I don’t need to
know about it 😉

Method Number 1


What is Sh*reCash?
Sh*recash is a website, where you can upload files(Max is 200MB)and once
you upload your file, you will be given a link, this link will be directed towards
the file that you uploaded so that people can download it.

Whats the catch?
The catch is, before the people download your file, they will have to take a
survey, they will have 4 different options in surveys they are allowed to
take. Once they choose one, and fully complete it, the download will be

How much can I earn?
-Sh*recash offers their users anywhere from 40 cents to 80 cents per download. So do the math.
-1000 Downloads X 60 Cents(Median) = BANK

Pros and Cons about Sh*recash
-Very easy to use and understand, simple concept, anyone can do this.
-Legit website, these guys are “Real”, they will not screw you out of any
money that you have earned, as long as you have done it correctly.
-If whatever your promoting gets popular, your link will explode and you can
make some serious bank if whatever you uploaded is really nice and legit.
Example: Cracks Or Keygens on an Adobe Product or other Big Manufacturer
-Pay Via PayPal on between the 15th and 20th of every month
-Very, Very hard to get a file popular, people aren’t willing to do surveys
for an mp3 now a days, you need a great program, and it has to be
promoted effectively for this to make you any money.
-When people see a sh*recash link, they want nothing to do with it.
-Payouts are not instant and need to be approved as well, Can take a week
-Sometimes people will do surveys but download just wont unlock so they
get frustrated and leave.
-Must have something people WANT, I will fill out 4 surveys for something i
WANT, but if it is promoted poorly, no one will want to do anything to get your file.

Where Can I Get Some Guides for this?
-Use the search tool for the forum
-Visit Links Below

Sh*recash EBook #1
Sh*reCash Ebook#2

Method Number 2


What are GPT and PTC websites?
GPT stands for Get Paid To, so in saying that, websites like this pay you to
do something, most of the time, its going to be surveys or filling out
registration forms for ads and such. PTC stands for paid to click, you will be
clicking on Ads when you use this method, most the time you will make
around 1/10 of a penny every time you click an ad, which is in all reality
not much.

Whats the catch?
There is no catch, in reality you are “working” by clicking and filling out these
ads for the website, because they are taking most of the share that you make for them.
They are like the middleman.

How much can I earn?
You will be earning accordingly, which means how much you “work” and spend
time doing this, is how much you are going to make doing this, if you do nothing
you will earn nothing, but if you put a lot of time and effort into it, you
could have a good outcome. If i had to put a number on it though, i would
say about 20$ or so a week MAX for most of these sites, unless you are
pro at referring.

Pros and Cons about GPT and PTC sites
-Most of these sites have a low cashout rate and pay via paypal so if you
need some quick cash these can be a great way to go.
-They have premade referral banners and links to make referring people a
-For the most part taking surveys and filling out registration forms is pretty
easy and requires no real “work”, just time.
-Great if you need a couple extra bucks for something you want to buy
-In all honesty you are not going to be making “big” money with these kind
of sites, unless you have a crazy referral output rate.
-Filling out registration forms, taking surveys, and clicking advertisements
gets old super fucking quick trust me haha
-A lot of the offers you fill out and take the time to do, wont “Complete” so
you just spent time for nothing in return

What are some PTC and GPT websites?
Visit the links below:
PaidTheFastest – GPT
Neobux – PTC

Method Number 3


What the hell is Clickbank?
Clickbank is a website where Online Marketers go to promote their product
they register their “products website” and then it is placed in the clickbank
marketplace. You then find their website, and if you like what they are
offering you can promote them to earn money.

Whats the catch?
There really is No catch when it comes to clickbank, its just for people who
are great salesmen and can do a great job promoting a product.
( I recommend you promote something you believe in )

How much can I earn?
This website offers you a lot of money, you get a pretty amazing 70%
commission off of the sales so you are receiving 70% of the cost of the
product, a lot of these products are like $50 – $100 so you can do the math. As said before, all depends on how much you are willing to work.

Pros and Cons of Clickbank
-You are getting an amazing cut of the profit, so chances to make a lot
of money if you are good at sales.
-The limits are endless and depending on how much you work will determine
your salary from this website.
-You get to choose what you promote, so if it is something you really “believe” in
you will be able to sell it a lot easier.
-It can be REALLY hard to sell these products sometimes, not everyone
wants to spend 20 to 50 bucks on an internet book or device
-Hard to get going, a lot of people don’t really know where to start with
this website, it could be a tough road for you if you don’t make the right
-Were aren’t in the best economic situation, so people are conservative.

What are some methods of promoting
a clickbank product?

-Common Sense

Method Number 4


What is Google Ad sense?
This is a part of Google’s ad campaign that helps them make money while
helping you make money at the same time. Advertisers pay Google to put
their ads on websites that Google is affiliated with, so you submit you

application to Google, they approve, you advertise, and every time someone
clicks on an ad, you get paid.

Whats the catch?
This isn’t the easiest method, you HAVE to have a website or your own or a blog
and you have to pay for those services, so you are going to have to spend
a little money to get this up and running. (Unless you blog)

How much Can I Earn?
People make “livings” off of Google ad sense, all you need is a popular website
or blog and you can start raking in a lot of income, if your site gets 1000 visits per day
and 30% of those visits click an ad, that’s a lot of money at the end of the month.

Pros and Cons of Adsense
-Method can make you a lot of money if you execute it correctly
-Based on a “Billion” dollar company, so you can trust them
-Google is one of the most innovative company’s to date, could company
to be getting your paychecks from
-Very easy to use, all you have to do is put the ads on your website, you
can find tutorials on Youtube if you need help
-You need to have a website or a blog to start doing this, in other words
it might take a little investment to get started off.
-Your blog/website must be somewhat popular to make any real money,
if you have 5 views a day you will make nothing.
-Can be hard to obtain traffic to your website or blog.
-I find it hard to create a website because EVERYTHING has already been
created. lol

How can I get started?
Here is the link to apply: Google Adsense Application Link
Member you need a website!

Method Number 5


What is is a website that allows you to shorten your links so people aren’t
“scared” of your big long link. You are getting paid every time someone clicks on your link…Every time!

What is the catch?
When they click your Link it redirects them to an advertisement for
approximately 5 seconds, where they can then “skip the ad” or if they are
interested, look into it more by clicking it.

How much can I earn? pays some fraction of a penny per click, the ratio is about 4$ for
every 1000 views, so yes this is going to take some work, you are not
going to be making serious cash by putting one link out in a forum somewhere.
If you are going to take this method seriously, you need to work it!

Pros and Cons of
Pros: is one of the EASIEST things you can do to make money over the
internet, all you need is your link.
-Can be “mixed” in with other cash making methods like sh*recash or any
other uploading site.
-You can lie to people and say you have a picture of Miley Cyrus’s tits and people
will click on it
-If you want to make enough money with this, your going to have to put forth
a lot of effort
-Posting links is frowned upon on every social site now a days (Youtube, Facebook ) etc
-The “rates” aren’t that great, when I hear “a fraction of a penny” every
time i get a click, it brings me to tears (not really)

Where do I get started?
Head on over to :
Register and you are good to go!
Here are some Guides: Guide Number 1

Questions and/or Comments?
Just Post Below!

This guide did not take me 5 minutes to make
This guide did not take me 30 minutes to make
This guide did not take me 1 Hour to make
This guide took me 2 1/2 hours to type out, so if this helped you,
the least you can do is say thanks 🙂

Thanks to ezio

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