MP3 Download Trick that works !

You active up for a teleseminar and concluded up missing it. Dang!

But the hosts recorded it. Yah!

They beatific you an email bulletin that says “Go actuality now and accept to the alarm in its entirety. BUT the web hotlink in the email bulletin credibility absolute to the MP3 book and your browser’s protesting. Dang again.

The bulletin you’ve accustomed looks something like…

“You can download and accept to the alarm to acquisition out our exact secrets. Go actuality now:


Have you anytime attempted to use the “right-click / save as” assemblage on a hotlink in an email message? It just don’t work.

Why do marketers do this? Are they aggravating to accomplish it difficult to download and canyon an MP3 book around? Did they just accept a apathetic attack?

It doesn’t amount why because you can get about this nuisance. It’s absolutely easy.

Do this:

(1) Open a new bare web page certificate application your admired HTML editor.

(2) Go aback to the email bulletin and archetype the web hotlink that credibility to the MP3 file.

(3) Flip aback over to your HTML editor, adhesive the hotlink into the antecedent cipher of your bare web page certificate and architecture it appropriately as you would any added ambition URL. Following this procedure, your hotlink will accept a formatting something like this (Note – the alpha and catastrophe ballast tags actuality accept an added “.”):

(4) Now, still in your HTML editor, go to “Preview” mode. Your hotlink is absolutely anatomic and now you can use the accepted “Right-Click / Save As” action to alpha the book download just as if the teleseminar host had beatific you to a download page online.

That’s it. That’s all there is to our little MP3 book download trick. Save this commodity in your “sneaky computer tricks” book and next time you acquisition yourself angry with your web browser to admission an MP3 audio file, it works glossy as a snail trail.

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