RealPlayer makes synchronising of mobiles easier

RealPlayer, the admirable (but oft-maligned) multimedia playback software, is back. With the latest adaptation of the software–it’s amount 14, but artlessly goes by the name RealPlayer–Real Networks has added the player’s adaptable capabilities, smartly demography aim at Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia phones, which abridgement the built-in media-syncing activity that Apple’s iPhone and iPod adore with iTunes. I activated the Plus adaptation of the app, and while it works as advertised, I’m not assertive it’s account the $40 exceptional (price as of January 4, 2011) that it commands over the chargeless adaptation of RealPlayer.

RealPlayer Plus adds several appearance missing from the chargeless version, such as faster video downloads and transfers, as able-bodied as DVD afire and avant-garde CD burning, which are nice touches. But although it ditches the video ads displayed every time you barrage the chargeless adaptation of the software, RealPlayer Plus still displays changeless ads on its Featured tab–which is what you see every time you accessible the program. If you’re paying $40 for a section of software, ads are an blackballed addition.

RealPlayer’s added tabs–Now Playing, Library, and Burn–are area the absolute activity takes place. If you cross to the Library tab, you can accept RealPlayer Plus seek your computer for media files (including music, videos, pictures, downloads and recordings, and playlists) that you’d like to manage. The interface is straightforward, and a affable change from the beheld ataxia of the Featured tab.

All of the tasks you’d apprehend from a multimedia administrator are accessible in RealPlayer Plus. Once your media files accept abutting your library, you can play them back, adapt their info, actualize playlists, and so forth. The Now Arena tab works just as you’d expect, absolution you appearance the agreeable that’s currently playing. You can go to the Bake tab to actualize CDs or DVDs, as able-bodied as to book jewel-case inserts for your discs. Audiophiles will acknowledge how RealPlayer Plus helps to catechumen old music recordings to high-quality agenda versions.

The new RealPlayer retains the accessible appearance begin in antecedent versions, including the adeptness to upload files anon to sites such as Facebook and YouTube. In addition, you can now accept to download video files from Websites beeline to your RealPlayer library. The Plus adaptation of the app sports a affection that will advice you bake these downloaded videos to DVD so that you can watch them abroad from your computer. This affection is able-bodied implemented and simple to use, but is account the $40 exceptional alone if you’re the array who brand to save online videos locally for your own collection, or if you ambition to watch online videos on your TV and you don’t accept a media banderole that already provides that functionality.

More absorbing is RealPlayer’s adeptness to advice you administer your adaptable devices. This feature, accessible in both the chargeless and Plus editions of the software, has been bigger over the antecedent version. Before, the app accustomed you to alteration files to your adaptable device; now, RealPlayer works in the adverse administration too, abacus the adeptness to alteration media files off of your adaptable accessory and into your RealPlayer library. In my tests, the affection formed as promised. The Plus adaptation will alteration videos to your buzz 50 percent faster than the chargeless version, Absolute says; but even if I acclimated the chargeless version, video transfers didn’t yield a awfully continued time.

When you affix your adaptable accessory to your computer, RealPlayer recognizes it as an added antecedent of content, and asks you to analyze the accomplish and model. I activated RealPlayer by abutting a Motorola Droid 2 smartphone to my PC, and I was blessed to see that this almost new buzz was accessible as an advantage on Real’s list. The app identifies your adaptable accessory in case you ambition to catechumen any of your PC files for examination on the handset, and I was able to catechumen files after a problem.

When your adaptable accessory is connected, RealPlayer adds it to your library, area you can appearance its advice in a console that runs down the larboard ancillary of the player’s window. Working with the interface is agnate to application iTunes with an iPhone; you’ll see your phone’s name, and you can bang on it to appearance the device’s info.

RealPlayer will analyze any new music, video, or angel files on your affiliated buzz or audio player, and will acquiesce you to alteration them appropriate to your PC. This action formed seamlessly in my tests, and it provided one of the easiest means of managing an Android buzz that I’ve accomplished yet. In addition, you can accompany playlists and alteration files to your adaptable accessory by just boring and bottomward the files to your phone. And if a book isn’t accordant with your device, the new RealPlayer (like antecedent versions) will accord you the advantage of converting it and again syncing it.

You can use the new RealPlayer with an iPhone or an iPod (and you will see both of these accessories listed by name in the player’s card of accessible adaptable devices), but the acquaintance isn’t absolutely the same. Your iPhone or iPod will not appearance up in your library as a affiliated device, but you will be able to catechumen files and archetype them to the iPhone or iPod. The app aswell lets you add files appropriate to your iTunes library, which is a nice touch. Still, the new RealPlayer is not a accurate media-management advantage for Apple’s devices; iTunes is a abundant bigger best for that.

RealPlayer Plus offers an simple way to administer your media library, but its best appearance are aswell accessible in the chargeless adaptation of the software. If you own an Android, BlackBerry, or Nokia phone, and if you’ve been searching for a chargeless and simple way to altercation multimedia files, the new RealPlayer will accomplish your activity a accomplished lot easier. But the $40 you’d pay for the Plus adaptation would be bigger spent elsewhere.

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