Tutorial on adding adsence to your tumblr or twitter blog

Tumblr is a free and perhaps one of the most famous micro-blogging sites. Unlike twitter which also happens to be a Micro-blogging site Tumblr allows you to write posts that are lengthier than 140 words, moreover it allows direct sharing of High Resolution photos and Videos.

But like many other free services there is no direct option to add a Google ad-sense block to it, This tutorial will tell you how to do it…


1.Register a Google adsense account….

The first thing to do is to get a Google adsense account………

Register a account by visiting this link and filling all the info.

2.Once your account is approved create a ad-unit

So now you have two important tools one a registered tumblr blog and another a Approved Google adsense id,so the next step is to install these ads to your blog so first we create a

Ad unit in ad-sense.
This what a adsense looks like after login.

Now select Ad sense setup tab

Now select Ad sense setup tab and then click on  AdSense for Content.

  1. Now select or Link Unit as per your interest.
  2. Now click on continue and then create a add unit as per your blogs need and design.

  1. You may even add a custom add a custom Ad channel to track your revenues better.

  • Now submit and get the code for you adsense unit.

(Courtesy StuffSneak.wordpress.com)

Now since we have all the tools at our disposal lets start installing ad sense to our blog .

  • Login to your tumblr blog and select Customize and then select Theme.

now find the line </div> <!– .sidebar-box –>

Now paste your Google adsense ad-unit code below this line.

Now click on save and close and your adsense unit would be displayed on you blogs sidebar. (checkout the screen shot below)

Similarly you can add Google friend connect and plugins like twitter and Facebook also Twitter.

To add a Google analytics account simply add the code provided below the <head> tag.
Thanks to TBU
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