Android phones comparison : (Dell XCD28 vs. Samsung Galaxy 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy 3)

Not a day seems to go by nowadays without a new value Android smartphone getting launched in the India market. And we aren’t talking about iffy quality devices from the Micromax-es, Zens and Lavas of the world, but good quality devices from veteran manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson. And now with the launch of the XCD28, Dell has joined the party.

In a press conference held yesterday, Dell launched two Android smartphones, one of which, the XCD28 is a mobile phone with a 2.8-inch screen and a full suite of connectivity options. Below, we compare the features and specs of the Dell XCD28 with two other value Android smartphones that have peaked your interests.

Parameter Dell XCD28 Samsung Galaxy 3 Samsung Galaxy 5
Screen Size 2.8-in 3.2-in 2.8-in
Screen Resolution 240×320 240×400 240×320
Internal Storage 256MB 256MB 170MB
Camera 3.15MP Autofocus 3.15MP Autofocus 2MP Fixed-Focus
Wi-Fi/3G/GPS Yes/Yes/Yes Yes/Yes/Yes Yes/Yes/Yes
Touchscreen Type Resistive Capacitive Capacitive
Processor Speed 600MHz 667MHz 600MHz
RAM 256MB 256MB 256MB
Price 240USD approx 256 USD approx 192 USD approx
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