Mobile Number Portability Arrives to INDIA ; Cheap and Helpful ; with Procedure

Mobile Number Portability Arrives in India. Operators are at war

With Abstraction Cellular’s MNP barrage in Haryana yesterday, India can now say Adaptable Amount Portability is a absoluteness that has started to occur. The accepted telecom minister, Kapil Sibal inaugurated MNP account at Rohtak, forth with the Haryana CM. Adaptable arrangement operators such as Abstraction Cellular, Tata Docomo and BSNL are already on the brawl with offers and campaigns on the MNP aisle (details below). So now, appliance MNP to change your operator, yet accumulate the aforementioned adaptable buzz amount costs alone Rs. 19. Small amount to pay for accepting rid of a big headache, eh?

The blow of India (and added operators) ability yield until January 2011 afore MNP is implemented, acceptation yet addition delay. For now, Haryana telecom amphitheater is the alone one area MNP has kicked off in appropriate earnest. All those fears that operators would atom off addition war to accretion anniversary other’s absolute customers? Those fears accept appear true, and absolutely a affair is getting befuddled to argue users to about-face operators.

Here is a abrupt overview of what has been accident in just the one day back MNP became alive in Haryana:

1. Tata Docomo has launched a area on Adaptable Amount Portability, on their website at

2. State-owned BSNL has offered chargeless amount porting, chargeless allocution time of Rs. 100, and chargeless absolute GPRS for a month, according to bottomless reports. As a accessible area company, will they get abroad with an action advised to attract MNP action in favour of BSNL, is a catechism whose acknowledgment ability be interesting.

3. Abstraction Cellular launched an acute TV advertisement attack (with Abhishek Bachchan, as usual) to accomplish humans acquainted that they could about-face their absolute buzz amount to Abstraction from their accepted provider, with MNP. With a bolt band of “No idea? Get Idea!”, you can watch some of these ads on YouTube – parking, lift, bus and office.

Here is a abrupt arbitrary of the accomplish you’d allegation to yield to change your provider (based on advice fabricated accessible so far).

1. Accomplish abiding you don’t owe any transaction to your accepted operator, nor should you be in the antecedent 3-month lock-in aeon for an already ported buzz number.

2. Send an SMS (text message) with the chat “PORT” to the buzz amount “1900”. You will anon accept your own UPC (Unique Porting Code).

3. Walk into the abutting appointment of your prospective/new adaptable abettor which you choose. Fill out the appliance and access your UPC, pay the Rs. 19 amount porting charge, abide the accepted identity/address affidavit documents, and aggregate your new SIM card.

4. That is all. Now let your accepted adaptable account provider, the third-party MNP back-end basement operator, and your new/proposed adaptable account provider plan out the details. Expect 2 hours of disruption in account (notified in advance), and conceivably a few abrupt days! According to TRAI rules, amount porting should be completed aural a best of 7 alive days.

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