NEC : 7-inch Android Tablet : Info and Video Review

Here is the Android tablet from Japan’s NEC codenamed as the LifeTouch. With the LifeTouch tablet, NEC is not trying to compete directly with the iPad rather it is intended to be used as an access device for cloud-based services. It will be sold by NEC to corporate clients. Those customers are expected to rebrand and customize the device and then offer it on to end users.

Courtesy : stuffsneak.wordpress,com
Based on the report, NEC sees several potential uses, for example, as an e-book reader for online shopping services. The LifeTouch has a 7-inch touchscreen, comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G /GPS. NEC also saidit could be used inside companies as an input device for sales or logistics work. The device was on show at iExpo event two weeks ago, an NEC showcase event in Tokyo, and the LifeTouch was attracting plenty of attention.

Launch of the LifeTouch outside of Japan is being considered, but NEC said it has yet to make a firm decision. Pricing details were not disclosed.

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