One most Important thing you need to know while blogging


I have created this article so as to inform new people who are thinking about creating a blog ! This is one of the most important things before creating blog or migrating blog to new domain !
If you have decided to create a wordpress blog, then You must know that if you create blog eg.( then you are pretty much restricted in Blog Themes. If you are a creative person and think about appearance much then it is for you !

The first impression of your blog which reflects on the viewer is the appearance , looks and attractiveness of the blog. If blog looks pretty amazing , Appealing and attractive keeping the simple structure and cleanliness then the viewers are directly impressed and they will be interested in reading or viewing your blog. But if your blog looks very complicated with usual appearance then viewer will not be much interested in viewing your blog and navigate right away from your blog in few minutes or even in seconds sometimes if you don’t have the must read content on your blog. So Following is the suggestion for you.

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If you create a .com blog in wordpress ( then you cant add any Third party themes i. e. you cant add any themes which are created by either you or you download from any other source 😦 . You can only use themes which are available in Themes section which are available on your Dashboard of your blog..

So if you are thinking about creating a blog think of this first.

Remedies :
1. Use for creating blog [recommended]
2. Use any other blog provider [Sucks 🙂 ]
if you think this was useful and if you have any other opinions !
Thank you.

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