13year old kid saves his brother on price of his life ! – Brisbane Floods

‘Teen Hero’ Drowns After Brother Saved First


An Australian teenager is being called a hero for insisting his younger brother be rescued first from floodwaters – before he was washed away in a trapped car.

non-swimmer Jordan Rice, 13, told rescuers to save his 10-year-old brother Blake as the family car was engulfed by a wall of water.

The paper described the heroic decision by Jordan on Monday afternoon as one that cost him his life.

Rescuer Warren McErlean said water raced through Toowoomba, rising eight inches in 10 seconds, according to a water depth gauge in the flooded street.

The two boys and their mother, Donna, 43, had been trapped by the surging floodwaters.

“When I first saw the car the water was up to the number plate,” builder Mr McErlean, 37, told the paper.

“I thought I would push it backwards but by the time I walked 20 metres (65ft), it was up on the bonnet and coming up the windscreen.”

Jordan Rice (left) and his brother Blake

Flood victim Jordan Rice (left) and his brother Blake


Mr McErlean tied a lifeline around his waist, secured it to a post and tried to wade out to the car but the torrent pushed him downstream, nearly drowning the rescuer.

Another onlooker, identified only as Chris, pulled Mr McErlean to safety before they both attempted to reach the car again and haul teenager Jordan to safety.

But Jordan insisted his brother be first out of the car, with Chris handing him to Mr McErlean, as the force of the water risked sweeping them off their feet.

“I had the boy in one hand, the rope in the other. I wasn’t going to let go but then the torrent came through and was pulling us down,” Mr McErlean said.

Chris hauled Blake to dry land and the rescuers went back to try to get Jordan and his mother, but the car was swept away.

“The rope snapped and the car just flipped. The others were just gone, just disappeared,” Mr McErlean said.



I had the boy in one hand, the rope in the other –

I wasn’t going to let go but then the torrent came through…

Rescuer Warren Mr McErlean, 37
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