5 Must-Have Free Android Productivity Apps

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Must-Have Android Apps for Business

Why not make your workday more pleasant and productive with some great business apps for Android? To get you going, we’ve selected five of the best and most useful free apps for your Android smartphone; all are available at the Android Market.

To download the apps using the provided QR code below, first download the Barcode Scanner app from the Android market on to your phone. Once downloaded and installed, execute the app and place the QR code in the middle of the viewfinder that appears onscreen. Once the QR code is scanned successfully, you should automatically get a couple of options, out of which choose the ‘browser’ option. That should take you directly to the product’s listing Android Market listing and download link.

Documents to Go 3.0 Main App

Documents To Go is a document-editing application that offers editing capabilities for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The program is capable of editing both .doc and .docx Word files and the same is true for Excel and PowerPoint. As for PDF files, Documents To Go does not offer editing features, but it does act as a viewer, obviating the need to switch to a separate application.

Documents To Go is a powerful application. I recommend that anyone considering it browse through its features to determine its usefulness to them. Its seamless features, ease of use, and mobility-oriented design all make it a likely candidate for any professional, student, or document-creating enthusiast on the go.

Rating- 5/5

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Meebo IM

As a Web-based tool, Meebo IM is flexible and adaptable in ways that client-based tools like the Android IM app can’t match. The Meebo Android app restricts you to adding only a subset of your IM accounts–including such popular services as AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger, and the IM services that Meebo provides to the Facebook and MySpace social networks–directly.

Meebo suffers from the same problems that many other IM clients do on mobile devices. Where network coverage is spotty, your IM accounts may often lose connection and log you out. Also, spim (spam over IM) may attain a new level of power to aggravate when your phone constantly beeps at you to read a new message. But if you need to stay in touch over IM, Meebo is among the best Android IM clients–free or paid–you can use.

Rating- 4/5

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GDocs isn’t an ambitious app, nor does it intend to be. The index presents files as a singular list, but you can sort them via folders as well as by date and title. Search scans only titles, rather than entire files. For documents, you’re(posted on StuffSneak.wordpress.com) limited to Android’s text input, writing as you would normal text messages–with no styles, no text sizes, and no frills.

GDocs is most effective as a simple viewer and an even more basic editor. Perhaps it is somewhat useful for making a grocery list and ticking off progress, jotting down impulsive ideas you’ll never reference again, or writing very concise stories. For anything extensive, you should haul a laptop along.

Rating- 3.5/5

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Bump seems like it could be a fun app for trading information between phones, but unfortunately it suffers from some technical difficulties. Pardon the pun, but it has a few bumps to smooth out.

So what is Bump? It’s an app that promises to transform the entire contact-information exchange. Instead of two people meeting up and then exchanging details by dutifully entering names and phone numbers on a keypad, Bump would have both individuals select the contact info in question and then give each other a fist bump with their phones clenched in hand. (posted on StuffSneak.wordpress.com)The phones sense the contact and establish a linked connection, and then the information swaps between the phones.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, anyway. And when it does work, you do have to admit that it’s awesome. Unfortunately, half the time I attempted to use Bump, it lost the connection, and I would have to try a few times to get it to work. That significantly reduces the “cool factor” of the app. It reminds me of two people struggling with a fancy high five, trying three or four times to get it right and looking completely uncool in the process.

In addition to contact information, Bump allows you to exchange pictures taken with your camera phone, as well as apps you have downloaded. Those people who are worried about rampant piracy in the digital era, however, can rest easy knowing that Bump doesn’t allow you to trade MP3s. Also, although you may share purchased apps via Bump, the recipient still has to pay for their copy of the app.

It is really unfortunate that Bump doesn’t work better than it does, because if it did work it would be totally sweet.

Rating- 3/5

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AK Notepad

If you don’t exactly want to work with documents but still want one place to keep all your notes organized, then AK Notepad is for you. You use the app to set reminders and share your notes using SMS, email or even an enterprise messaging service. You can also organize your notes with multiple tags making them easier to organize and finally you can also backup your notes online.

What makes AK Notepad a breeze to use is its simple UI and design and also the fact that you can customize the app to make your notes look different and easy to differentiate. The app lets you backup your notes on Catch.com but you would be better advised to just email the notes you need backed up to yourself to be on the safe side. Overall, AK Notepad is a simple,(posted on StuffSneak.wordpress.com) efficient app that serves its purpose to the T.

Rating- 4.5/5

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