Dreamhost Promo Codes EXCLUSIVE (upto 71.50$ discount on hosting)

Dreamhost is one of the best webhosting company out there .They are mostly appreciated for there low cost , but robust and beginner friendly webhosting . Dreamhost currently offers an unlimited Linux webhosting plan for around 119 USD per year . This hosting plan comes with unlimited domains ,auto script installers and a 75 $ Google Adwords credit for advertising . Most web hosting companies offer free adverting credit for new customers .But 75 $ Adwords by Dreamhost is the highest among them .Another best part of Dreamhost is their web hosting promotional codes .These promo code ranges from free dedicated IPs and domains to first time cash deductions.So with promo codes ,119.4 $ hosting charge can be further limited to almost half of the that .Also the promo codes for IP and domain registrations are for lifetime . So here we have few best Dreamhost discount codes that work in 2011

(Courtesy : stuffsneak.wordpress.com)

Dreamhost web hosting plan :

Each Dreamhost plan comes with a free lifetime domain registration for .com ,.net ,.info and .org top level domains  .This domain will be free as long you continue with Dreamhost .  So if you host for 10 years , the savings comes to around 100 USD .

Unlimited domains ,band width ,email , ftp accounts ,mySQL data bases , auto installers  all comes along with this packages .

(Courtesy : stuffsneak.wordpress.com)

Free back service : Dreamhost remotely backup the whole hosted data at periodic intervals .Unlike other web hosting companies , here the restoration is free of charge .

Dreamhost has one of the easiest control panels in the industry compared to others who provide Cpanel administration to customers .

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Dreamhost coupon codes for discounts on first year hosting ,domain registrations and dedicated IP .


Following are codes for you :

  • STUFFSNEAK79 : 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration + 48$ discount on original price
  • STUFFSNEAK80 : 2 extra FREE lifetime domain registrations + $40.00 discount on original price
  • STUFFSNEAK81 : 1 extra FREE lifetime domain registration + 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP + $17.00 discount on original price
  • STUFFSNEAK82 : 71.50 $ discount on original price (Best)
  • STUFFSNEAK83 : 2 extra FREE lifetime unique IP + $5.00 discount on original price

Sign up for DreamHost now

Dreamhost will ask for promo code during sign up . Use the above codes exactly to avail corresponding discounts .


Courtesy : stuffsneak.wordpress.com

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