Whitney Houston – Pregnant ? – Battle of Celeb Pregs continue

Is Whitney Houston Pregnant ?

Yea that is a big que !



According to reports that have surfaced in recent days, Whitney Houston might actually be pregnant. Although it is unlikely that she would choose to continue her tour while she is pregnant, several pictures have surfaced that show a baby bump poking out from underneath her clothes. She has been through the wringer with constant drug use and a well documented wild marriage with Bobby Brown. The past ten years have not been all that good to Houston. With reports running rampant that Houston was recently booed off a stage, and had the majority of the crowd leaving on her mid performance because she was unable to keep her voice from cracking, a baby might be exactly what she needs.

If you haven’t heard the latest rumor it’s Whitney Houston is pregnant. Is the pop diva really expecting a baby at the age of 47? Well, the newest

photos of Houston actually do look like there’s more than just tummy showing, but honestly I highly doubt this rumor is true since, one it wasn’t all over the news, and two no major reporters are confirming this.

Divas That Were Rumored To Be Pregnant

Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and even Wanna-be diva Michelle Obama. Why some people considered her a diva is beyond me. Ok, let’s get this straight.

Mariah Carey is pregnant, Beyonce, Whitney, and Michelle are NOT.

Whitney Houston Showing Signs Of Some Extra Poundage

OMG! These two pictures of Whitney Houston indeed make her look and appear pregnant in every way possible. But with some women they gain weight just in their tummy area, and sometimes it can make people think “You’r not fat, you’r pregnant.”


How Many Times Has Whitney Been Rumored To Be Pregnant?

One too many times. Almost every year this question pops up. Did you know Whitney Houston had a miscarriage back in the early 90’s? I remember reading something years ago about, Houston was filming the movie Bodyguard, and she lost a baby. Can it be possible to have a baby at the age of 47?

Most definitely, but with her recent drug use and alcohol abuse I don’t feel the baby would have a fair chance.

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