Wing Bowl 2011: Chicken Eating Competition – Winner and all information


Can’t win the Super Bowl? Or don’t have the athletic ability to compete in professional sports?

Well, some people who had those same thoughts came up with the Wing Bowl back in 1993. Today is the Wing Bowl 2011, held in Philadelphia.

Yes, the Wing Bowl 2011 is what the name implies: it’s an eating contest.

I never really understand competitive eating, but apparently the seats are packed to watch this event every year. Is this a sport? And are you a celebrity if you win?

The highlight of this year’s event is that a five-time winner is returning to face off against the man who won the Wing Bowl for the past two years.

Would you watch the Wing Bowl 2011? Would you ever participate in an eating contest?


26 men. Hundreds of Chicken Wings. And only one winner.

Wing Bowl 2011 took place this morning, and it was a Super Bowl showdown, with Jonathan “Super” Squibb emerging triumphant. The bizarre event took place in Philadelphia, and has been going on for 19 years now. This isn’t the first time that Jonathan-a 6’4 accountant from New Jersey-has been victorious at the Wing Bowl. Jonathan has been a formidable contestant for the past few years now, with this event being Jon’s third time at winning the crown.

So how many barbeque slathered chicken wings did Jonathan Squibb have to consume in order to win this prestigious, albeit obscure, title? 255 wings. That’s a new Wing Bowl record, and with an estimated 40,000 calories, that’s a whole lot of chicken. With 3500 calories in a pound, Jonathan may pack on 11 pounds from this competition alone-unless he got sick afterwards, or something.

Squibb’s girlfriend remains proud of her hero. “He remains to stay cute, even covered in wing sauce,” she said. Amongst Squibb’s opponents were stocky football fans with scary names like “El Wingadore,” “Lord Bemis,” and “Drunken Mussel.”

So what are Squibb’s plans for celebrating his latest victory? “I’ll probably have a pizza,” he said. Amazing!

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