Nokia chief executive: Low-cost Windows Phones can occur ‘very quickly’









We’d raised our own concerns in interviews with both Stephen Elop and Microsoft’s Aaron Woodman in the preceding week with the purpose of Nokia might control problems pushing the Windows Phone platform low a sufficient amount to fill the holes not here by Symbian‘s departure in the foundation rungs of the bazaar, but the Nokia head of the company is making it very translucent with the purpose of he thinks with the purpose of won’t be a catch. Taking part in a conference with Finnish journalists on Friday, Elop held with the purpose of it has befall “convinced” with the purpose of it can clash with “a very low outlay point” and figure out it “very quickly,” a strategy with the purpose of will be fundamental to converting important swaths of Symbian bazaar share into Windows Phone bazaar share with no trailing it to other manufacturers or platforms. Of track, something tells us the leaked design notion (pictured right) doesn’t stand in for the types of hardware Nokia has in mind in support of individuals low outlay points — but veto single device or bazaar segment is available to take Espoo to the promised property now.


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