Nokia to give away released E7 and WP7 phones to its developers

Nokia’s decision to switch from Symbian to Windows Phone 7 might not own been met with laughter from many developers, but the company looks to be addressing its coding society in a decent way. SlashGear has been agreed details of an email sent to Nokia Launchpad encode members, in which they’re promised a open Nokia E7 organized with “one open Nokia WP7 device, as soon as it becomes offered.”

Launchpad is Nokia’s mobile app development encode, typically priced next to €300 annually but at this time open representing the chief day. Membership is offered – on an agreed relevance basis – representing those and companies, and smoothly includes youthful access to APIs and SDKs, promotions in the Ovi Store and invitations to training trial.

To the same extent well as open strategy, however, this modern revolution will distinguish open tech support on all Nokia technologies representing the then three months (limited to ten tickets next to most) and a open “user experience evaluation” of several apps developers own implicit. There’s furthermore the contract of extended transaction development support. Extra on the Nokia revolution in our Stephen Elop interview from MWC 2011 this week.

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18 February 2011

Dear Launchpad associate,

During light of the strategy publication made by Nokia and Microsoft after everything else week, we are script to you at the moment to assure you to facilitate our devotion to you and your handiwork to develop innovative apps representing Nokia strategy remains as strong as still.

We understand to facilitate you own a lot in life of questions, and would like to reassure you to facilitate we understand and we are now to eavesdrop to your reaction and provide you with in sequence. We cheer you to visit Nokia Conversations wherever you can discovery a horrendous deal of in sequence regarding the news http://conversations.Nokia.Com and which can help to answer a quantity of preliminary questions.

We are very keyed up by contemporary developments, and believe the opportunities to develop representing Nokia strategy are as exciting and lucrative at the moment as they own still been. During addition to the opportunities approaching soon with Nokia and WP7, we own several modern payback to share with you at the moment, intended to help accelerate your app transaction to touch the 225 million app-hungry Nokia smartphone owners worldwide at the moment.

Today, Qt developers can target more than 100 million Nokia strategy representing their apps and we own announced to facilitate we mean to sell like hot cakes an supplementary 150 million Symbian strategy. Nokia will last to provide open Qt trainings to help you gain knowledge of how to nominate the for the most part of this sophisticated cross-development platform. We’re animatedly summit the demand, so please give permission us know whether you’d like a training usual up in your area.

We are furthermore excited to offer you solitary open admission to the then Nokia World/Nokia Developer Summit soon after this day. We will take thought of the registration expenses.

To assist you with your development activities in the near-term, we will craft solitary open Nokia E7 device to all encode members. Additionally, we will propel to you solitary open Nokia WP7 device, as soon as it becomes offered.

To accelerate your mobile app development, we will provide open tech support on all Nokia technologies representing the then three months (up to 10 tickets). Equally, if you would like to take improvement of a open User Experience evaluation of solitary of your apps, please give permission us know and we will handiwork with you to nominate persons arrangements.

We will furthermore be extending our transaction development support to all Nokia developer and content encode members who are at this time increasing apps representing Nokia strategy, and we will assist in publishing persons apps in Nokia’s Ovi Store. We will last to offer ideas and guidance representing ways to fully promote your available apps so to facilitate you can reap the rewards of your troublesome handiwork.

If you own several questions, or need several help from us in the days in advance, we would like you to know to facilitate you can count on us to be at hand representing you. We are beyond doubt excited around working with you to discover modern opportunities to facilitate will head to upcoming successes.


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